Henri Cartan, une vie de mathématicien

TeaserbildHenri Cartan, une vie de mathématicien (1995)52 min
ID: 1995.003
Regisseur: Jean-Pierre Serre, Isabelle Broué
Land: Frankreich
Genre: Dokumentarfilm
Sprachen: französisch
Medien: DVD

Discussions by Jean-Pierre Serre and Isabelle Broué with the mathematician Henri Cartan and his wife Nicole, daughter of physicist Pierre Weiss.
Born 1904, Henri Cartan played an essential role in the renewal and proliferation of mathematics in France. He was of the founding members of the “Groupe Bourbaki”, which, founded 1935, rebuild mathematics from scratch and based it on solid foundations.
Henri Cartan talks about his passion of mathematics and his father, another renown mathematician. He talks about his studies at the École Normale Supérieure and the birth of the “Groupe Bourbaki”, how he met his wife and their wedding and his engagement for europe and human rights.