The CMI Millennium Meeting

TeaserbildThe CMI Millennium Meeting (2002)60 min
ID: 2002.008
Autor: Tisseyre, F.
Genre: Dokumentarfilm
Sprachen: englisch
Medien: VHS

In May 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) held its landmark Paris Millennium event at the College de France. On this occasion, CMI unveiled the “Millennium Prize Problems,” seven mathematical quandaries that have long-resisted solution. This video provides a portrait of CMI, its culture and the people behind it. F. Tisseyre captures the spirit of the event without the imposition of a narrator, using only voice-over commentary taken from interviews and speeches. Only the accent of music is added to set the mood and pace of each segment. The video reflects on the inspirational story of CMI’s formation, and provides detailed information about the Institute’s programs, awards, and initiatives. Excerpts from interviews explain the significance of the seven prize problems, and the challenges they pose. For anyone who wants to learn more about the international importance of mathematics, this video offers an uplifting and informative look at the people who have shaped the field’s course.