Numbers in Motion

TeaserbildNumbers in Motion (2007)3 min
ID: 2008.003.08
Director: Roland Wehap, Robert Leitner
Country: Germany, Austria
Genre: Short Movie
Languages: (none)
Media: DVD

They are part of our everyday life, from the stopwatch, to the electricity meter and the cash register: Numbers are encountered everywhere. In the short film “Numbers in Motion” these numbers are the main actors. In sophisticated creative images the viewer is plunged into the fascinating world of zero to infinity.

The Austrian company rowe productions produced the film using innovative film technology with the help of time-lapse and super slow motion. In particular the highspeed shots with up to 3000 frames per second appear in worlds never seen before. It becomes rapidly clear: Numbers can also be beautiful!

The film runs as an introductory video at the exhibit “Zahlen, bitte!” (Numbers, please!) at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum.

You can also have a look at the detailed description of Numbers in Motion at vismath. vismath also offers screening rights for many films.
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