MESH (Bubble Excerpt)

TeaserbildMESH (Bubble Excerpt) (2007)6 min
ID: 2008.003.16
Director: Beau Janzen, Konrad Polthier
Country: Germany, United States
Genre: Short Movie, Animated Movie, Education
Languages: german, english
Media: DVD

MESH explores the advancement of discrete geometry from the ancient Greeks to contemporary research topics. The animation takes advanced concepts in differential geometry that have never previously been visualized and conveys them in a way that is palpable and relevant to even a novice audience.

The bubble excerpt demonstrates how discrete meshes can be used to describe the surface of soap bubbles. Polygonal meshes are able to explain why it’s impossible to create a cubical soap bubble, and can also provide experimental proof for non-spherical bubbles such as the Penta Surface.

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