Fibonacci - The Pisan Leonardo

TeaserbildFibonacci - The Pisan Leonardo (2008)40 min
ID: 2008.004
Regisseur: Francesco Andreotti
Land: Italien
Genre: Biografie
Sprachen: italienisch
Untertitel: englisch
Medien: DVD

A father working abroad and a son going with him because that country is growing with technology, science and culture.

It is the XII century, that country’s name is North Africa, that son going to study maths in the Arab world is Leonardo, born in Pisa in the Bonacci family (filium Bonacii). Today his theory of the numbers is of everyday use: barcodes, cash cards, computers, the stock market, the military security systems, all of them make use of it. In the era of globalization (of commerce, culture and war) we cannot help being struck by this fatality: those numbers are coming home as destructive technologies.

However we like to think of Fibonacci as a symbol of cultural integration and we think our documentary can stimulate unconventional views in a moment in which prejudices about different cultures need to be rethought.