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Im Rahmen des Festivals wurde eine kommentierte Sammlung von längeren mathematischen Filmen erstellt, deren Laufzeiten im wesentlichen im Bereich zwischen 20 Minuten und 120 Minuten liegen. Die Themen der Langfilme beinhalten Dokumentationen, Hollywoodfilme, populärwissenschaftliche Filme oder Einblicke in die aktuelle Forschung. Alle Filme sind für eine breite Öffentlichkeit und insbesondere auch für Schüler geeignet (einige Filme haben eine Altersbeschränkung).

Lokale Organisatoren des MathFilm Festivals können aus dieser Sammlung Filme für ihre Veranstaltung auswählen, müssen sich jedoch vorher registrieren:

Nach der Registrierung Ihrer Veranstaltung besitzen Sie einen Registrierungscode, der eine Buchung ermöglicht. Wir überprüfen dann Verfügbarkeit der ausgewählten Filme und sind bei der Rechte- und Materialbeschaffung behilflich. Bei Rückfragen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter

Sollten Sie schon einen Registrierungscode haben, geben Sie ihn bitte in folgendem Feld ein und drücken "Daten laden", um Ihre bisherige Filmauswahl zu bearbeiten.

Teaser MathFilm 2008 DVD (2008) 60 min

Prämierte Kollektion von englisch-sprachigen Kurzfilmen des MathFilm Festival 2008. Ausgewählt von der internationalen Jury zeigen die Filme einen Querschnitt durch die bunte Welt der Mathematik.

Teaser A Beautiful Mind (2001) 135 min

Nobel Prize winner John Nash touches paranoia after his revolutionary ideas in game theory. Psychology and recovery of a great mathematician.

Teaser Arabesques and Geometry (1999) 21 min

The authors of this film explain the topic of symmetry in mathematics with examples from Islamic art.

Teaser Bubbles, Jaws, Moose Tests, and More (2005) 90 min

Ever thought about how weather is predicted or experimental research is investigated on a computer? Insight in the world of numerical mathematics.

Teaser Cube (1997) 90 min

Bloody horror is experienced by six strangers in an unknown cubical maze. Survival requires mathematical skills and affiliations with horror genre.

Teaser Der versiegelte Brief des Soldaten Döblin (2006) 86 min

The short and tragic life story of Wolfgang Döblin, brilliant mathematician, son of the famous german writer Alfred Döblin who fled Nazi Germany.

Teaser Early History of Mathematics (2003) 30 min

The film explains with easy-accessible examples and in Tom Apostol’s characteristically perfect presentation major events in the history of early mathematics.

Teaser Enigma (2001) 119 min

Spionage movie about the breaking of the German code used in the Second World War. Mathematics within a war environment of suspician and stress.

Teaser Fermat's Last Tango (2001) 100 min

A musical play inspired by the famous achievements of Andrew Wiles on the solution of Fermat’s problem.

Teaser Fibonacci - The Pisan Leonardo (2008) 40 min

A father working abroad and a son going with him. It is the XII century, that country’s name is North Africa, that son going to study maths in the Arab world is Leonardo, born in Pisa in the Bonacci family (filium Bonacii).

Teaser Flatland: The Movie (2007) 34 min

Based on Edwin Abott’s book “Flatland”, this is an animated film about geometric characters living in a two-dimensional world.

Teaser Hard Problems (2008) 82 min

The story of the American high school team at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Ljubljana in Slowenia. Mathematical quests at highest level.

Teaser Henri Cartan, une vie de mathématicien (1995) 52 min

Discussions by Jean-Pierre Serre and Isabelle Broué with the mathematician Henri Cartan and his wife Nicole, daughter of physicist Pierre Weiss.

Teaser Julia Robinson and Solving Hilbert's 10th Problem (2008) 45 min

Documentary about the life of one of the most distinguished woman in mathematics, and her contributions to Hilbert’s 10th problem.

Teaser Leonhard Euler: In the Scholars's Paradise (2007) 29 min

Leonhard Euler was the most exceptionally gifted mathematician of the Eighteenth Century and a great figure in the history of Western culture.

Teaser Magic of Muqarnas (2005) 18 min

Muqarnas – stalactite vaults – form an essential part of Islamic architecture. The relation between layout and spatial arrangement is the topic of this video.

Teaser MESH (2007) 40 min

Breathtaking visualizations from Plato’s triangle man and Kepler’s wine barrels to Newton and Leibniz, and the mathematics of computer graphics.

Teaser Moebius (1996) 88 min

A 30-passenger train vanishes in the Buenos Aires subway system. Everything seems futile, until a young mathematician proposes an incredible solution.

Teaser N is a number - Paul Erdös (1993) 57 min

The life of one of the most prolific mathematician is documented by George Csicsery. The highly awarded film shows living mathematics.

Teaser Pi (1998) 84 min

Obsessed with finding numerical patterns in the Wall street stock market a mathematician wants to rediscover long-lost mysteries in the Torah.

Teaser Porridge Pulleys and Pi (2004) 29 min

A portrait of two mathematicians, Fields medalist Vaughan Jones, one of the world’s foremost knot theorists and an avid windsurfer, and Hendrik Lenstra, a number theorist with a passion for Homer and all things classical.

Teaser Proof (2005) 99 min

Anthony Hopkins plays a famous mathematician who has passed. Does his daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, have inherited his brilliancy or his insanity?

Teaser Quarks & Co (2006) 43 min

Zahlen prägen unser Leben: Ob Telefonnummern, Pincodes, Wahlergebnisse oder die statistische Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass morgen die Sonne scheint. Quarks & Co taucht ein in die Welt der Zahlen und erklärt, wie man mit ihnen lügen kann.

Teaser The CMI Millennium Meeting (2002) 60 min

This video provides a portrait of CMI, its culture and the people behind it. F. Tisseyre captures the spirit of the event without the imposition of a narrator, using only voice-over commentary taken from interviews and speeches.

Teaser The Colours of Infinity (1995) 52 min

Documentary by Arthur C. Clarke on the discovery of the Mandelbrot set. The film includes spectacular visualizations from the world of fractals.

Teaser The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher (2001) 55 min

Almost everyone will know M.C. Escher, the famous Dutch artist. Michele Emmer’s film explores this relationship and uses the possibilities of this medium to full extent to show spectacular examples of Escher’s work.

Teaser The Importance of Mathematics (2002) 60 min

This video is a lucid, dynamic presentation of the deep and important question of the relevance of mathematics to society, delivered by one of the best mathematicians of the modern age.

Teaser The Millennium Prize Problems. A Lecture by John Tate (2002) 60 min

Tate describes in his lecture three Millennium Prize Problems: the Riemann Hypothesis, the Conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer, and the “P=NP?” problem.

Teaser The Millennium Prize Problems. A Lecture by Michael Atiyah (2002) 60 min

Atiyah’s lecture discusses four of the Millennium Problems and places them in context.

Teaser The New Shepherd's Lamp (1995) 30 min

Astronomy and celestial mechanics always initiated great breakthroughs in the development of science and mathematics. The authors of the film describe these developments starting with Ptolemy and ending with contemporary satellite-steering techniques.

Teaser Touching Soap Films (1995) 41 min

The young boy Kalle explores the palace of soap bubbles and minimal surfaces in an amusing story. Unprecedented computer animations.

Teaser Turning a Sphere Inside Out (2004) 23 min

Turning a Sphere Inside Out is about the problem of turning a sphere inside out by passing the surface through itself without making any holes or creases.

Teaser VideoMath-Festival at ICM '98 (1998) 82 min

Best-selling collection of winners of the VideoMath Festival 1998 was presented at the international congress of mathematicians 1998 in Berlin.

Teaser Wolfgang Doeblin (2006) 55 min

A film by Agnes Handwerk and Harrie Willems about Wolfgang Doeblin, the genius son of writer Alfred Döblin, and the story of a sealed letter with the manuscript about the equation of Kolmogorov, that he wrote to the academy shortly before his death.

Teaser Zorns's Lemma (1970) 60 min

An experimental movie named after Max Zorn’s lemma, an axiom from set theory. A contemplative sequence of letters, pictures and activities.

Die Liste der Filme wird im Laufe des MathFilm Festival mit Informationen weiterhin ergänzt. Zur Zeit sind alle Daten ausschliesslich in englisch vorhanden, auch wenn oftmals deutsche Sprachversionen vorliegen.