MathFilm Festival 2008: Bremen

Im Jahr der Mathematik findet in Bremen die Veranstaltung Bilder.Zahlen. - Im Land der Mathemagie statt. Ein vorläufiges Programm erscheint hier in einer automatisch generierten Liste. Weitergehende Informationen und aktuelle Programmzeiten finden Sie auf der Webseite des Veranstalters auf

Quarks & Co (2006, 43 min.)

Zahlen prägen unser Leben: Ob Telefonnummern, Pincodes, Wahlergebnisse oder die statistische Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass morgen die Sonne scheint. Quarks & Co taucht ein in die Welt der Zahlen und erklärt, wie man mit ihnen lügen kann.

Arabesques and Geometry (1999, 21 min.)

The authors of this film explain the topic of symmetry in mathematics with examples from Islamic art.

N is a number - Paul Erdös (1993, 57 min.)

The life of one of the most prolific mathematician is documented by George Csicsery. The highly awarded film shows living mathematics.

Zorns's Lemma (1970, 60 min.)

An experimental movie named after Max Zorn's lemma, an axiom from set theory. A contemplative sequence of letters, pictures and activities.

Early History of Mathematics (2003, 30 min.)

The film explains with easy-accessible examples and in Tom Apostol's characteristically perfect presentation major events in the history of early mathematics.

The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher (2001, 55 min.)

Almost everyone will know M.C. Escher, the famous Dutch artist. Michele Emmer's film explores this relationship and uses the possibilities of this medium to full extent to show spectacular examples of Escher's work.

Not Knot (1995, 15 min.)

This award winning animation of non-Euclidean hyperbolic space combines extraordinary techniques of computer graphics, insight into higher mathematics, and clever pedagogy to bring an understanding of fairly recent research to a broad audience.

Touching Soap Films (1995, 41 min.)

The young boy Kalle explores the palace of soap bubbles and minimal surfaces in an amusing story. Unprecedented computer animations.

The Importance of Mathematics (2002, 60 min.)

This video is a lucid, dynamic presentation of the deep and important question of the relevance of mathematics to society, delivered by one of the best mathematicians of the modern age.

Porridge Pulleys and Pi (2004, 29 min.)

A portrait of two mathematicians, Fields medalist Vaughan Jones, one of the world's foremost knot theorists and an avid windsurfer, and Hendrik Lenstra, a number theorist with a passion for Homer and all things classical.

MESH (2007, 40 min.)

Breathtaking visualizations from Plato's triangle man and Kepler's wine barrels to Newton and Leibniz, and the mathematics of computer graphics.

Flatland: The Movie (2007, 34 min.)

Based on Edwin Abott's book "Flatland", this is an animated film about geometric characters living in a two-dimensional world.

The Colours of Infinity (1995, 52 min.)

Documentary by Arthur C. Clarke on the discovery of the Mandelbrot set. The film includes spectacular visualizations from the world of fractals.

MathFilm 2008 DVD (2008, 60 min.)

Prämierte Kollektion von englisch-sprachigen Kurzfilmen des MathFilm Festival 2008. Ausgewählt von der internationalen Jury zeigen die Filme einen Querschnitt durch die bunte Welt der Mathematik.

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