MathFilm Festival 2008: Mannheim

Im Jahr der Mathematik findet in Mannheim die Veranstaltung Studieninformationstag 2008 statt. Ein vorläufiges Programm erscheint hier in einer automatisch generierten Liste. Weitergehende Informationen und aktuelle Programmzeiten finden Sie auf der Webseite des Veranstalters auf

Turning a Sphere Inside Out (2004, 23 min.)

Turning a Sphere Inside Out is about the problem of turning a sphere inside out by passing the surface through itself without making any holes or creases.

Early History of Mathematics (2003, 30 min.)

The film explains with easy-accessible examples and in Tom Apostol's characteristically perfect presentation major events in the history of early mathematics.

VideoMath-Festival at ICM '98 (1998, 82 min.)

Best-selling collection of winners of the VideoMath Festival 1998 was presented at the international congress of mathematicians 1998 in Berlin.

Porridge Pulleys and Pi (2004, 29 min.)

A portrait of two mathematicians, Fields medalist Vaughan Jones, one of the world's foremost knot theorists and an avid windsurfer, and Hendrik Lenstra, a number theorist with a passion for Homer and all things classical.

MESH (2007, 40 min.)

Breathtaking visualizations from Plato's triangle man and Kepler's wine barrels to Newton and Leibniz, and the mathematics of computer graphics.

The Colours of Infinity (1995, 52 min.)

Documentary by Arthur C. Clarke on the discovery of the Mandelbrot set. The film includes spectacular visualizations from the world of fractals.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research Matheon - Mathematics for key technologies Freie Universität Berlin Wissenschaftsjahr 2008 - Jahr der Mathematik
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