MathFilm Festival 2008: Bielefeld

Im Jahr der Mathematik findet in Bielefeld die Veranstaltung Mathematische Filmreihe statt. Ein vorläufiges Programm erscheint hier in einer automatisch generierten Liste. Weitergehende Informationen und aktuelle Programmzeiten finden Sie auf der Webseite des Veranstalters auf

Porridge Pulleys and Pi (2004, 29 min.)

A portrait of two mathematicians, Fields medalist Vaughan Jones, one of the world's foremost knot theorists and an avid windsurfer, and Hendrik Lenstra, a number theorist with a passion for Homer and all things classical.

N is a number - Paul Erdös (1993, 57 min.)

The life of one of the most prolific mathematician is documented by George Csicsery. The highly awarded film shows living mathematics.

Fibonacci - The Pisan Leonardo (2008, 40 min.)

A father working abroad and a son going with him. It is the XII century, that country's name is North Africa, that son going to study maths in the Arab world is Leonardo, born in Pisa in the Bonacci family (filium Bonacii).

Leonhard Euler: In the Scholars's Paradise (2007, 29 min.)

Leonhard Euler was the most exceptionally gifted mathematician of the Eighteenth Century and a great figure in the history of Western culture.

Henri Cartan, une vie de mathématicien (1995, 52 min.)

Discussions by Jean-Pierre Serre and Isabelle Broué with the mathematician Henri Cartan and his wife Nicole, daughter of physicist Pierre Weiss.

Julia Robinson and Solving Hilbert's 10th Problem (2008, 45 min.)

Documentary about the life of one of the most distinguished woman in mathematics, and her contributions to Hilbert's 10th problem.

The Importance of Mathematics (2002, 60 min.)

This video is a lucid, dynamic presentation of the deep and important question of the relevance of mathematics to society, delivered by one of the best mathematicians of the modern age.

Early History of Mathematics (2003, 30 min.)

The film explains with easy-accessible examples and in Tom Apostol's characteristically perfect presentation major events in the history of early mathematics.

The Fantastic World of M.C. Escher (2001, 55 min.)

Almost everyone will know M.C. Escher, the famous Dutch artist. Michele Emmer's film explores this relationship and uses the possibilities of this medium to full extent to show spectacular examples of Escher's work.

Arabesques and Geometry (1999, 21 min.)

The authors of this film explain the topic of symmetry in mathematics with examples from Islamic art.

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