MathFilm Festival 2008: Bonn

Im Jahr der Mathematik findet in Bonn die Veranstaltung MathFilm Festival 2008 in Bonn statt. Ein vorläufiges Programm erscheint hier in einer automatisch generierten Liste. Weitergehende Informationen und aktuelle Programmzeiten finden Sie auf der Webseite des Veranstalters auf

Enigma (2001, 119 min.)

Spionage movie about the breaking of the German code used in the Second World War. Mathematics within a war environment of suspician and stress.

MathFilm 2008 DVD (2008, 60 min.)

Prämierte Kollektion von englisch-sprachigen Kurzfilmen des MathFilm Festival 2008. Ausgewählt von der internationalen Jury zeigen die Filme einen Querschnitt durch die bunte Welt der Mathematik.

Magic of Muqarnas (2005, 18 min.)

Muqarnas - stalactite vaults - form an essential part of Islamic architecture. The relation between layout and spatial arrangement is the topic of this video.

A Beautiful Mind (2001, 135 min.)

Nobel Prize winner John Nash touches paranoia after his revolutionary ideas in game theory. Psychology and recovery of a great mathematician.

Touching Soap Films (1995, 41 min.)

The young boy Kalle explores the palace of soap bubbles and minimal surfaces in an amusing story. Unprecedented computer animations.

MESH (2007, 40 min.)

Breathtaking visualizations from Plato's triangle man and Kepler's wine barrels to Newton and Leibniz, and the mathematics of computer graphics.

Leonhard Euler: In the Scholars's Paradise (2007, 29 min.)

Leonhard Euler was the most exceptionally gifted mathematician of the Eighteenth Century and a great figure in the history of Western culture.

Porridge Pulleys and Pi (2004, 29 min.)

A portrait of two mathematicians, Fields medalist Vaughan Jones, one of the world's foremost knot theorists and an avid windsurfer, and Hendrik Lenstra, a number theorist with a passion for Homer and all things classical.

Moebius (1996, 88 min.)

A 30-passenger train vanishes in the Buenos Aires subway system. Everything seems futile, until a young mathematician proposes an incredible solution.

Arabesques and Geometry (1999, 21 min.)

The authors of this film explain the topic of symmetry in mathematics with examples from Islamic art.

Turning a Sphere Inside Out (2004, 23 min.)

Turning a Sphere Inside Out is about the problem of turning a sphere inside out by passing the surface through itself without making any holes or creases.

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