How to upload files to the MathFilm 2008 FTP server

  1. Rename your files to contain submission ID, title of the movie and submitter, e.g. 003_john-sampleman_flat-torus.mpg and 003_john-sampleman_flat-torus_teaser.png.
  2. Connect to our FTP server using your favourite FTP client (e.g. in Windows Explorer or Konqueror by pasting the URL into the address bar). If prompted for username and password, use Now you should see a directory listing as the one below:
    Windows Explorer
  3. Copy your video file into the FTP directory by standard drag-and-drop as you would usually do between local folders. A progress bar should appear and the upload process begin as soon as you drop/paste the file into the window.

Important: Since you cannot view or change your file once uploaded, please give it a meaningful name beforehand. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at!