Call for Videos

(Diese Seite gibt es leider nur auf Englisch.)

The Call for Video poster is available for distribution as PDF document.



Content guidelines

Entries for the MathFilm Festival 2008 are encouraged from all areas of mathematical visualization. Video submissions should appeal to a general but educated public. Also, they should meet the highest standards with respect to

We strongly recommend to make your work interesting for a broader audience by selecting an appropriate subject and by using visual elements, suitable text and/or narration.

The language of films should be either English or German, or the film has been subtitled/narrated in English or German. If you have both language versions we appreciate submission of both versions, especially of long films. Note that the MathFilm Festival DVD will be produced in english throughout.

Technical guidelines

To assure best quality and to facilitate production work submissions are restricted to the following audio and video formats:

Short Films (2-10 minutes)

Video channel: Compress your video channel using one of the following codecs:

Do not use any other codec, including MPEG-1, Real Video and Flash Video. Provide your films in highest available resolution, with aspect ratio either 16:9 (e.g. 1280x720, 1920x1080, 768x432) or 4:3 (e.g. 1024x768, PAL 768x576 or NTSC 720x540). Remember that the impression your work leaves at the audience is significantly influenced by the quality of the film, so in doubt, choose quality over compression rate. Do not use any form of Digital Rights Management, copy protection or the like.

Audio channel: Compress your audio channel using one of the following codecs:

Do not use any other proprietary codec.

Container format: Please wrap your encoded video into one of the following container formats:

Do not use any other format, such as MP4 or ASF.

Long films (11-90 minutes)

Send in a PAL- or NTSC-DVD, using the standard codecs (video: MPEG-2, audio: AC-3). You can also send in HD-DVDs or Blu-Ray-Discs. Do not use any form of Digital Rights Management, copy protection, region code restrictions or the like. Please label your disc properly, i.e. write at least the title and the author on the disc.


The submission process consists of three steps:

1. Fill out the submission form.

2. Upload a high-resolution teaser image of your video (preferrably 1920x1080 pixel) to

3a. Short films
Upload your video file (using a descriptive file name) to Note, once uploaded, a file cannot be changed or renamed.

3b. Long films
Send your DVD to:

MathFilm Festival 2008
c/o Mrs. Marianne Braun
Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Mathematik
Arnimallee 3
14195 Berlin

When shipping a DVD from outside Germany provide the following phrase in the customs declaration:
“Educational material, no commercial value”
In case you are forced to provide a real value, insert $1.


13.02.2008 (new!)Online registration
13.02.2008Submission of short videos and long films, as described above
29.02.2008Notification of authors about acceptance
16.03.2008Submission of final version

Because of the tight production schedule of the MathFilm2008 DVD the submission deadlines are strict. The submitted video will be evaluated by the program committee, minor changes of accepted videos must be submitted until the final version is due.